Quantum of Science: Scalar Energy Pendant

Hi, I have finally received my Quantum Scalar Energy pendant. Inside the box there was a card of authenticity and of course, the medalion which will be the main focus of this post.

Slightly radioactive package

The pendant is made from lava stone which has a really nice mat-black colour. There is also a rubber ring around it for additional protection.

What I did find interesting, is the fact that this medalion appeared to be radioactive, but why?

In order to find out, I used RAYSID gamma spectrometer for isotope identification. Here is spectrum after 4h and 15 minutes. As we can see, RaysID automatcly identified different energy peaks.

4h 15min gamma spectrum

Here is the same spectrum but with my annotations. All peaks detected by RaysID seem to be within 1% error range. Very impressive considering RAYSID size. 

4h 15min gamma spectrum with annotations

The peak on the left, at 78 kev comes from X-ray flourence. There are two peaks from Actinium 228 at 129 kev and 338 kev. The peak in the middle at 238kev is from Lead 212 and the peak at 583 kev from Thallium 208. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to identify peaks at 43 kev and 682 kev.

The isotopes detected are daughters of Thorium 232 and as we can see RAYSID already informs us about possible Thorium content. 

Conclusion: Traces of thorium can be found in lava which can make it slightly radioactive.

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